/Momus writing an album inspired by Covid-19
Momus writing an album inspired by Covid-19

Momus writing an album inspired by Covid-19

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Momus says he experienced the symptoms of a moderate case of Covid-19

Singer-songwriter Momus has nearly completed an album of tunes composed during, and about, the Covid-19 lockdown while recuperating from a suspected case of coronavirus.

The Scottish indie musician generally operates at the margins but says the break out “puts us all in the very same state of existential suffering”.

Nick Currie – who has made music under the alias Momus for more than 30 years – had actually simply completed the first track from his forthcoming album when he began experiencing signs of coronavirus.

” Having actually heard accounts of individuals who have actually been through very moderate cases, they have had the exact same symptoms as me – the chills, the fever, the lack of cravings, popular thirst,” he says.

” At that minute, I was really frightened. I truly believed – this is it – and started anticipating all the RIP Momus messages people would be posting.”

‘ Intense moment’

He spent seven days in bed in his embraced house of Berlin recovering from his illness.

Social media has actually been full of artists playing live from their living rooms during the lockdown and a trickle of specific tunes have actually been penned about the pandemic.

But, when he began feeling much better, Momus started work on an entire album charting his own and the world’s development given that the day his disease struck on 17 March.

” This is an incredibly extreme moment for the whole of humanity and, for a minimal artist like me, it is a remarkable opportunity to be on the exact same page as everybody else, to experience what everybody else is experiencing,” he says.

Momus has actually released 33 albums and published eight books during his career, but the closest he has actually concerned a UK hit was when The Hairstyle of the Devil reached number 94 in the singles chart in1989

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Momus has actually been composing and recording for more than 30 years.

” I’m always topical. I’ve been discussing Brexit for the last 4 years. I believe the primary difference this time is the psychological resonance,” he states.

” Brexit was extremely divisive, however Covid-19 puts all of us in the very same state of existential anguish.”

The tune he had composed, taped and released before he began showing symptoms was titled Oblivion, which he described as “a statement of outright pessimism”.

” It is funny to think that, if certainly this truly was Covid-19, the virus was already in me when I made that tune and, in a sense, the infection was singing that song Oblivion – and it truly does sound like that,” he says.

Because his health problem, he has actually written 11 more tunes in the space of 23 days – beginning with Optimism, a melancholy track about his own recovery.

‘ A really vivid experience’

Other tunes consist of Empty Paris, which explores Europe’s deserted city streets under lockdown, Self-Isolation, Working From House, Motion and My Corona.

He plans to call the album Brilliant, and says: “It has actually been an extremely vibrant experience, for better or for even worse. It is rather remarkable how a confrontation with your own mortality focuses the mind.”

Momus says the “science fiction” of his lyrics has very quickly became “science reality”.

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” When you had to wait months to launch a record and you could never be sure that it would still be relevant when it came out.

Momus normally accompanies his tunes with videos frequently made in his living-room or cooking area, so in some aspects the present circumstance is mostly organisation as usual.